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Zodwa goes topless in Namibia

Dancer was in Namibia a week ago and she was gladdened for not being condemned, rather they welcomed her style.

The pantless dancer has had ugly experience in some countries outside SA condemning her dress sense as she deported from Zambia last year and banned from several other neighboring countries.”

Zodwa was topless amidst other Namibia women who were also naked. She said African culture should be embraced rather than holding on to western culture.

“It was the first time I was not judged outside of SA. I mean by countries in Africa because after Zambia, I thought God was saying that these countries don’ want me and I must focus on other parts of the world.”

“I felt comfortable there. Why do we westernize ourselves and abandon who we are and where we come from? We still around naked. It was a place where they could relate to me and where I felt comfortable.”

Zodwa posted a photo of her topless self and other Namibia topless women on social media and captioned it saying;
“My Mother being a Woman is hard. I represent any Woman,the Struggle is Real for all Women. Rich kodwa indoda iyakunyisa. Poor that’ why there’s Zodwa wabantu,Make means to Survive my Queens. I won’t Show you Hotels,Food & Cars. I will show you my Beautiful Scars.”

The dancer also gave the women some money to get themselves food and other needs.

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