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VIDEO: Moozlie confirms car crash video was staged


Moozlie released a alerting the troubled public that the car crash video was part of a viral campaign.

The rapper caused her fans and other celebrities in after a video of her involvement in a car crash went viral on social media.

Announcing that it was a publicity stunt, she tweeted;
“I partnered with @Volkswagen and @DriveDry to make a change in 2019. We don’t want to see another year where thousands of lives are lost on our roads because of drinking & driving”

In a press statement Nomuzi a.k.a Moozlie, said “Our intention was never to distress any fans, friends or family. For just these few hours for people to pause and think what if this was the reality. I give my all to my fans and I had to do something to get people to sit up and notice. We were willing to risk it all to drive home this critical message. If this saves one life,  then we were successful and I would do it again.”

The rapper shared the video of the campaign and behind the scene of the staged accident.

Watch it here:

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