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Personal Blog Vs. Business Blog; Which Blog Type To Start

Do want to start a blog? Are you confused on the nature of blog to start?

There are major types of blog you can start today online.


• Personal blog
• Business blog or small business blog

It is important you understand the similarities and difference between these 2 types of blog before you jump into setting up any blog.

Why many blogs are dead today is because their owners never have the knowledge of these 2 types of blogs and how to operate them. So, I don’t want you to make the same mistake if you are thinking of starting a blog.

What makes a blog a Business or personal blog?

When I talk about a business blog I don’t mean companies’ blog. Business blog is already a company on its own.

A business blog is a blog that is started sole for a business purpose. It could be a blog build solely to teach users on how to do certain things. It could be created to provide ideas on how to solve or resolve certain difficult issues or challenges affecting users’ life.

Personal blog is a blog where the owner or founder shares his/her personal photos, experiences, thoughts, feeling, emotions, views and all what have you about his/her own life. This type of blog is created for personal purpose or use. It could be a blog build solely to entertain people.

What are similarities and differences between a business and personal blog?

• Business blog is transferable
Ownership of a business blog can be transfer from one person to another. Example from father to son or daughter, sister, uncle, relative, friends etc and each person will be able to manage the blog.

• Personal blog are not easily transferable.

• Business blog can be sold
The founder or owner of a business blog can decide to sell his blog at any time without problem. It is just an individual selling his company when he can no longer manage. Business blog is company on its own.

• Personal blog are rarely sold because most of the content of the blog talk about the owner or the founder.

• Business blog cannot become dead
If even the right owner or the founder of business blog is dead; the blog lives.

• Business blog is strictly for business and making money

• Personal blog is not strictly for business or money making.

There are many more similarities and difference between personal and business. These similarities and difference are more explained on our training course on blogging.

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