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Nicki Minaj Invites Fans To Fly With Her In Her Private Jet


When are a superstar of Nicki’s Minaj status, your everyday life takes on the appearance of an extraordinary existence to the rest of us normal poorer folk. If you had any doubt of this, you need only look towards a recent Instagram video she shared with her fans, detailing the of style that she’s accustomed too while flying the friendly skies, either within the United States or internationally.

“Who wants to fly with me? You get your own bedroom & your own bathroom. For the low low”

Though brief, the video clip gives viewers a tour of Nicki’s digs aboard a private jet that she recently used to travel in the kind of luxury most people only dream of.

We’re not sure if that’s an open invitation for anyone to shoot their shot at becoming the “Anaconda” rapper’s travel companion but, if that’s the case, it seems like a pretty sweet setup.

You get your own bed, covered in the finest-quality bedding, and your own off-suite bathroom, which is also beautifully constructed. Whether you’d be getting ready for a public event or just a night out on the town, the facilities board this jet airliner ensures that anyone who uses it will be well-rested and looking their best by the the aircraft lands.

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