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How To Start Money-Making Video Blogging


blogging is one area that has not been fully exploited.

Starting​ video blogging

To get started with video blogging, I will suggest you start with use of YouTube since it is an official video broadcasting site for Google.

Getting started on YouTube

Click on register for an account; follow the steps-by-steps instructions to complete your account registration.
After registration, your video dashboard page will be shown to you.
You can begin to upload interesting videos and ensure to use appropriate tag for each video you upload.

WARNING: Uploading someone’s video is a serious offence. All videos have copyright protecting them. So, uploading someone’s video is a legal infringement of right of product.

                Try to create your own original video and upload it. You can create video on anything, not necessary movies or songs. This is the only genuine way to make money on YouTube.

                Another way of doing it is by buying an exclusive right uploading and posting a particular video or music on the YouTube, just how Jason Njoku started.

How do you now make money on YouTube?

                I know this is the question you should be asking by now. You make money on YouTube by monetizing your own uploaded video.

                After you have uploaded a reasonable number of videos on YouTube, you will have an option to monetize the videos. On each ads displayed on a video, you will be paid for that.

                Million people of visit YouTube each day to watch movies and listen to songs. Many websites and search engines integrates YouTube on their site, exploit this avenue to make money.

Aha! I have not yet finished.

Start your own YouTube Channel

You can even start your own online news channel on YouTube by using a camera, camcorder or your usual popular video recording equipment to take videos of breaking news and sharing it on YouTube. You should know what that means. Money! Money!! Money!!! ; flowing into your bank account. Believe me, several millionaires are reaping from YouTube and you can join them if you want.

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