Emtee speaks of his struggle out of poverty – “I am a business man”

shares a long epistle on how he was born into poverty and his struggle to achieve success and be a blesser.

calls himself a business man with so much confidence on social media. He futhered his talk saying, he was deprived a lot of things in 2018.


However, just early this year, he revealed that he’s going to make 2019 his year.

“YES, I am a businessman. I just happen to be born into poverty so they never thought a crusty, unfortunate kid like me would be where I’m at. It’s also easy to take advantage of someone who is desperate to change their lives. I was deprived of a lot of things in 2018, people deserted us n went MIA coz I am not as rich as they thought I was. I won’t even lie, I’m waiting for someone close to me to change on me. Lord knows I sacrifice a lot. Not just so I can eat, so I can share. When I wanna as broke, there were no funny rumors about me or people popping out of nowhere claiming this that and the third. NOBODY has ever confronted me with that hate shit, it’s always some internet shit. I swear on everything, folks is gonna comment and hate even if I’m not offending anyone n just speaking my mind. I always thought some people I knew would be happy for me instead they dont want anything to do with me coz
They have this idea that I’m rich. NEXT TIME ASK THESE BLOOD SUCKIN TWO FACED SNAKES TO PROVIDE PROOF. Ima keep praying thou. Enjoy your day while I fight for my freedom.” revealed.



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